HOT: Sheltering Workshop TOMORROW 12/7

We need YOU to PERSONALLY INVITE your contacts to attend one of our Sheltering Workshops. This THURSDAY at 6:30PM at The Most Holy Trinity Church. Please send to those you know in faith communities and volunteer organizations and ask them to share widely!

The workshops are for anyone who is:

1. Considering offering shelter (either overnight or daytime) or Safe Car Parks and may have questions, concerns of how to get started.

2. Interested in volunteering but want to find out more how to get plugged in.

3. Interested in issue of houselessness and want to see what WFC is about.

4. Those already involved in WFC and want to re-engage as our movement (and the need) grows.

Meeting includes a short introductory video, Panel discussion with those with sheltering and safe car park experience, and plenty of time for Q and A. We also will cover the historic “assembly shelter ordinance” recently passed in SJ that allows ALL assembly sites to shelter overnight (not just faith communities) up to 50 people all year round, allowing places like libraries, schools, community centers, etc. to shelter. Light snacks will be provided!

Thank you for doing your part in saving lives and easing the suffering of many.

Sheltering Workshops_05

Sheltering Workshops_05

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