Shelter “Tool Kit”

Is your faith community interested in opening an overnight or daytime shelter or safe car park? Collaborative faith communities have shared their manuals- giving a general overview and guideline to launch a successful program. Please note: there are many models that can be used. Other communities in the Collaborative have used slightly different models, also meeting with great success. One size does NOT fit all. And it’s important to find what works best for YOUR community. 

 Overnight Shelter Manual

(There is no permit required to operate an overnight shelter in a place of worship in most cities.)

Daytime Warming Center Documents 

(There is no permit required to operate a daytime warming center)

Safe Car Park

(There is NO permit required to operate a safe car park.)

All that is needed is 1.) a community to offer their parking lot for people to safely park overnight, and 2.) access to a bathroom or rent a port-a-potty.

  • Optional but preferred is offering meals in the evening and possibly breakfast. 

We have developed a set of guidelines that offers a good base. Communities can then add to that as needed. If interested in receiving this set of guidelines, please email us at